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Jesse Quackenbush is the best when it come to representing the needs of others.
Jesse Quackenbush is the best when it come to representing the needs of others.
Jesse Quackenbush is the best when it come to representing the needs of others.
Jesse Quackenbush


In 1984, Mr. Quackenbush graduated from the State University of NewYork at Albany with a B.A. majoring in Political Science with a minor inJournalism & Communications.  In 1987, he graduated from theUniversity of Houston Law Center. He is currently licensed to practicelaw in New York, Texas and New Mexico. For the last 36 years he haspracticed civil trial law as well as constitutional law focusing oncriminal defense. He is a certified mediator and has personallyparticipated in over 500 mediations. He has litigated over 250 jurytrials, both civil and criminal cases.

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Media Announcements

Legislative Priorities

 Stop Elder Abuse - Read More
 Rural Economic Development
 School Choice
 Solving Border Crisis
 Nursing Home Safety
 Lowering Property Taxes
 Protecting 2nd Amendment
 Election Integrity
 Medical Charge Transparency

For Immediate Release

Republican Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush has announced his candidacy for TexasHouse of Representatives, District 87. Quackenbush is a conservative constitutional lawspecialist who focuses on criminal defense and has personally litigated over 250 jurytrials, both civil and criminal.

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Calendar of Events

Republican Attorney, Jesse Quackenbush will be at events for meet and greets and townhall meeting and such. Check here for his public engagements to

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Expansion of 2nd Amendment Right

We need stronger laws to punish rogue liberal District Attorneys who ruin innocent citizen’s lives by launching unjustified criminal prosecutions against those who (rightfully) had to protect themselves.

Expansion of 2nd Amendment Rights

Lowering Property Taxes

Every election cycle, politicians lie to voters promising they will lower property taxes in Texas. The reality is that there is virtually no level of truth to any of their promises. Why? Because Texas has itself in a real tough situation. Property taxes are used primarily to fund education.

Lowering Property Taxes

Panhandle Water

A primary reason I’m running for Texas House District 87 is to educate the electorate of a conspiracy amongst a conglomerate of very powerful oil and gas producers AND Texas “Deep State” legislators.

Panhandle Water