Jesse Quackenbush

Expansion of 2nd Amendment Rights

I’ve been a strong supporter for gun owner rights my entire life. I’ve hunted with my father, brothers, sons and daughters and will fight hard to assure family hunting traditions are preserved forever. I personally own numerous non-hunting guns which I enjoy using for trap shooting and target practice. Finally, I own numerous guns intended primarily for self-defense or defense of my family. 

Although “Stand Your Ground,” “Castle Doctrine” and “Constitutional Carry” have been major accomplishment in Texas, much more needs to be done to prevent unjustified prosecutions by liberal District Attorneys. We need stronger laws to punish rogue liberal District Attorneys who ruin innocent citizen’s lives by launching unjustified criminal prosecutions against those who (rightfully) had to protect themselves. Kyle Rittenhouse is a perfect example. To this end, I would sponsor the following legislation: 

  1. To create a legal presumption at trial of justifiable self-defense in cases where an aggressor has a proven history of violence against others;

  1. To require unanimous Citizen Review Panel approval before any elected District Attorney can prosecute a person who has alleged “self-defense” in a criminal case; and 

  1. To create criminal penalties for rogue District Attorneys who violate rules of evidence and procedure requiring full disclosures in “self-defense” cases. 

These ideas are just a few which I intend to prioritize if elected.